Saturday, April 16, 2011

Please Don't Attack Me

Wanna know how?
Let me recap a bit. E-Readers. To love or not to love? 
I've gotten varying responses to this question. The people who are adamantly against them, I like to call Traditionalists. They love the feel of a book in their hands, that new book smell, and just the overall poetic idea of a book. I'm here to say that there is nothing wrong with that mind-set. I understand the commitment. 
But... come on hun.
There are some people though, who are WAY into these little gadgets. Technoids. Nothing wrong with that. They're awesome little devices that bring books instantly and somewhat cheaply (after the daunting price of buying the damn thing). 
I'm somewhere in the middle. 
I identify with the Traditionalists, perhaps a little more than with Technoids, because I'm very into having a spiritual connection with my book, and because technology has declared war against my life. But that didn't stop me from buying my little NookColor ( And I'm pretty head-over-heels for the thing. And I'll tell you why.
1. Something I've already kinda referred to. Cheap, instant books. I'm a book whore. And there are extensive FREE and CHEAP books on these things that are amazing. Oh and on top of that, there are also collections of classics that are completely free - from Austen to Stoker to Carroll. 
2. Usually, I'm a 3+ books in my purse kinda girl. But now I can carry 50+ books without all the weight or bulk. And the beautiful covers are still there.
3. It keeps track of what page I'm on for me. I know. That doesn't seem like a huge deal. But wait till you're reading three books at a time and it keeps track of what page you're on on all of them. Trust me, it's a big deal.
4. It's opened me up to more books than I would have read before. Especially because of the free samples. Oh yeah, did I not mention that? FREE SAMPLES.
There are tons of reasons to fall in love with these things. Especially with the new advancements where unpublished authors can publish their own books. SQUEE! Hope for us all!
So what do you think? Traditionalist, Technoid, or somewhere between the two?

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