Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kelsey Leigh

Just thought I'd introduce myself... I'm an English Education major, and literature is one of my passions, as is teaching, among other things. I'm unstoppable, darlings. My favorite books are young adult and fantasy, but I love all books. quirks...I love penguins. I have a small collection of them, though none are the real things, unfortunately. My second favorite bird is the flamingo. Because if you can't wear a tux, you might as well be pink. I love taking pictures. If I don't know something, I google it, or IMDB it. I have a tendency to make words verbs that are not originally verbs. I wrinkle up my nose when I am displeased. It's not a voluntary thing, it just kind of happens. I have a southern accent that only gets thicker if I'm over-excited or upset. I'm from a big family; my youngest sister AbbyDooZer is the monster of my heart. And my Marvin is the love of my life and the best thing that ever happened to me. And he better know that, for sure.
I can be sarcastic and snarky, but it's all with a good heart and a warm smile behind it. I like to think that I shine, metaphorically, anyway.


  1. Ok... I dont know what im expected to say, but i just wanted to let yall know that i cant wait to read ur book. I know that its gonna be awesome, just promise not to make me cry too much with it, lol, I gotta protect my manhood. Im already very proud of you guys (by guys i mean beautiful, young, women). And, baby, u definately shine, u light up my life and sometimes i just cant believe how much i love u, or that u could actually love me back, lol. Congragulations on the page, its cool-ness is un-measurable, lol

  2. (Insert wrist slap here.) Why hadn't the two of us already thought of this? Let me read it again for constructive critism. BTW, I love you. You're amazing and you are a big, bright, SHINY blessing on my life. Remember me when you're famous mwah!

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