Thursday, May 27, 2010

No longer MIA

Well as indicated in the title, I am no longer missing in action! I was actually on vacation visiting some friends and family in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Unfortunately, at my grandparent’s house in Oklahoma my phone looses all service completely. This would be why all my friends thought I had disappeared. While in Oklahoma I took some pictures at this beautiful lake called Tenkiller, I know weird name for a lake but it’s Cherokee so I like it. Anyway, all of these pictures are from the lake and the ones that I liked the best. 


So in regards to Beckoned, I am so excited about Chapter 2!!! Kelsey is doing an amazing job at making our characters come to life. She is also doing some awesome twittering and book promoting. And yes as soon as the chapter is reviewed and approved by the Secret Nazi aka me there will be a sneak peak! Well yall there wasn’t much to post so enjoy the pictures and get stoked for Chapter 2 of BECKONED!!!!

Kristen 8)


  1. Ah, surprisingly I feel no need to edit :) Love the pics Hun, and glad you're back in Georgia!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh


    lol jk.

  2. those are beautiful pictures!

    hope everything is going well for you!

    best of luck with your writing :D

  3. You caught me up with your lyrical images and kept me reading. Great job. Roland