Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bad Boy Blogfest ;)

Today's blogfest is hosted by Tina Lynn over at Sweet Niblets, and promises to be tons of fun ;) I look forward to meeting everyone's characters, and we hope you like ours! Oh also, I have been sick, and I still need to get caught up from the Breaking the Rules Blogfest, but I promise to get to everyone's entry VERY SOON!!! Till then, meet Gage!

Some background info: He is tall, with dark brown hair that has a tendency to spike, or to fall into his eyes, depending upon his mood. His eyes are such a deep blue that you could fall flat into them, and his smile says he wants you to. He is the most handsome man you have EVER seen, and oh yeah, by the way, he's the Goblin King. (turns out they aren't all slimy and hairy. Who knew?)

We were sitting at the same table again, under the same window who's gauzy blue curtains does nothing to block out the sun. The only difference this time is the flower. It was a single red rose, beautiful and romantic. Because that was how he wanted it. He wanted us to feel romanced. (Personally, I'm okay with that.)
Kris was sitting beside me this time, with her own notebook, though I noticed she had forgotten a pen. I sighed, then pulled one out of my Mary Poppins-bag. If there is one thing I'm good for, it's extra pens. She took it, chewing on the cap to hide her anxiety. 
"What if he doesn't come?" she asked, tilting her head at me.
"He kind of has to. He doesn't really have a choice." I was worried about it too. 
"I mean... But it's Gage." She emphasized his name like it made a difference. It did. I nodded. I had already considered that. I hoped he would just cooperate, but didn't stock much faith in it. One never knew with Gage.
Suddenly, as if anticipating our doubts and the best way to amuse himself, the Goblin King himself popped into existence with a loud noise, cracking a smile as we both jumped. "Hello, ladies," he said smoothly as he kissed each of us on the back of our hands. We didn't want to feel attracted to him. It just kind of happens. 
In an aside to me, Kristen whispered, "I didn't know you could do that." 
I stuck my tongue out at her. "Of course I can." Clearing my throat, I turned back to Gage, who had watched our exchange like a cat watching mice bicker. Amusement before consumption. 
"So Gage," I tried not to stammer. "Maybe you could tell us what it means exactly. To be the Goblin King."
"I take care of the creatures classified as goblins in the Faerie Realm." He returned easily, like it was an everyday conversation. "Mostly, that means any faerie associated with the earth element. But our court also harbors the more-" here he grinned ferociously, "-troublesome nightmares." He looked down at the tablecloth, then lifted his lashes straight at Kristen. "Do you ever have nightmares?" He winked, and she blushed. Oh boy, I thought. Here comes trouble. I shrugged. Thank goodness it wasn't aimed at me.
I cleared my throat again, to regain their attention. "What does your life consist of? Any special hobbies, or needs maybe? Wanna fill us in on those?"
He wasn't paying any attention to me. Instead, he had stretched his arm across the table to draw circles on the back of Kristen's hand. "Your eyes are so warm," he murmured to her. "Very like Emma's. You're just as beautiful too, you'd make a lovely Goblin Queen." He was practically consuming her with his eyes, and his smile was no better. And Kristen was caught. Dammit. 
"Gage! Where's Faye?" His attention snapped back to me instantaneously.
"Is she not here, with you, in this in-between place?" His eyes were back to their natural, un-consuming state.
I shook my head. "Nope. She must be back with Kale." I shrugged like it was no big deal, but knew it was. He lost his calm facade for a brief moment, and his hair went spiky before he could settle down. He stood up with a languid grace befitting a king, and bent in a small bow towards us. 
"I'm sorry ladies, but I will have to cut this one short. Until next time." He took a moment to grin flirtatiously at Kristen, who had regained enough of herself to blanch noticeably. He popped out of existence again, and we both breathed a sigh of relief. 
I grabbed a bottle of water from my purse, took a swig and passed it to Kris. 
"Whew. Faye's got her work cut out for her, huh?"


  1. I want one.

    He sounds abso-freaking-lutely delish! Thanks for participating:)

  2. Great spin on a goblin king. Well done!

  3. Grinned ferociously says it all. He seems to be very intense and dangerous -- and alluring which is totally bad news for anyone in his crosshairs. Great post.

  4. Definitely can't help liking him! He's pretty overpowering, isn't he? Nicely done!

  5. *fans herself*

    Yowza he sounds like the PERFECT bad guy - can we meet him? (In person?)

    ; P

  6. That was too cool! I enjoyed it very much. What a romantic he is, and so charismatic. Good job ladies.


  7. Really like the twist on the Goblin King and love the name Gage. :) Don't know if you're looking for general or critique-type feedback, but in case you are--be careful with your verb tenses. You switched back and forth between present and past tense a few times, especially in that first paragraph, which was a bit jarring.

  8. Hi Kelsey! Nice piece! I like how his hair spikes like a dog's back when provoked--different! I like how he has the ability to transfix his victims (or mates?) Like how he was after the side character and not the POV!!

    Thank you for reading my post! Have a great Sunday :)

  9. Interesting entry. Goblin King, eh. hmmm

    I like it. Has an interview element that makes me wonder what is going on before and after the scene presented. Nice work.

  10. By the by peeps, this was supposed to be set up as a sort of interview between the creators and the character. It isn't actually from any part of Beckoned.

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  11. Cool. Good character descriptions.I haven't read much about Goblin Kings..:)

  12. I keep thinking "Gobbling" he's making turkey noises.
    And then his hair is like a turkey's comb.
    Just sayin....

    Nice bad guy!

  13. He is very real, I could connect with him. Well written bad guy. LOL...