Sunday, June 6, 2010

Contests and Blogfests Galore!

I am already embarrassed at myself for this title, oh well. First off, hello new followers! *imagines hearing a chorus of people reply, "Hello, Kelsey!"* It is really exciting to see our blog grow so much. I want to hug every single one of you :)
 *clears throat* In other news, I give you the link to an awesome blogger, and I am promoting her contest. Be sure to get your entry in! OMGShesGivingAway12BooksThisIsCrazy!!!
And yet another giveaway at Pure Imagination!

Also, the Dreamfest was a ball, so we will be keeping that going with a pile of other blogfests! Here they are, in chronological order. (I will post more as I discover them.)
June 12th Top Title Blogfest
June 15th Character Interview Blogfest
June 18th Breaking the Rules Blogfest
June 20th Bad Boy Blogfest
June 30th Bickering Blogfest
July 1st Share Your Darlings Blogfest
July 18th The Death Scene Blogfest

I'll keep you updated! Also, if you would like for me to host a button for your website (and are willing to host mine, see upper right-hand corner), leave a comment and I'll happily add you!
Thanks again! Goodnight, followers! *hears distant chorus of, "Goodnight, Kelsey!"*

<3 Kelsey Leigh


  1. *wiping away a straying tear* Thank you for putting my blogfest here, you rock!! :D

    I can't wait to read your poem, I bet it is heartrending!!! ((Hugs)) Thanks for joining my blogfest! :D

  2. Hello girls; sorry I didn't get by sooner. I've been slacking lately. Awesome blogfest links.

    I read your Dream sequence post. Wow, that was well written. Slightly ethereal, just enough to make your think its now quite reality. Very smooth and flowing; good transitions, vivid descriptions. Excellent voice - not flat, quite, but the tone was sorta dreamy. I liked it.

    Have a great weekend. See yall round.


  3. Thanks D, that means a lot! And of course, E!

  4. I like either Choices or Beckoned. But Beckoned is a little better.

  5. I really like Beckoned. :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog.